It’s a grey and gloomy morning and everyone is up and out of bed early.
It’s an important day, especially for Clyde and Isaac, although they are not
particularly looking forward to it. Today is the day that they need to visit the
Clyde and Isaac are both
bunnies. In fact they are very special
bunnies as they are HUGE! They
both live with their daddy, who is a
human bean, in a house together,
unlike some poor bunnies who have
to live outside in something called a
hutch, which is often cramped and
too small for them.
Both bunnies need to go to see
the vet for their regular injections to
prevent them from catching nasty
diseases that would make them feel
sick. They also will have a general
check up to make sure they are in fine
However neither of them like
going to the vet. Clyde started
moaning about it early saying
“I don’t want to go out in this gloomy weather - can’t I just stay in and
wait until my next injections in six months time? I’m sure it won’t matter if I
wait another six months. Can’t I stay here? I don’t want to go out. I want to go
back to bed”.
He then quickly darted under the sofa to hide from Daddy. Isaac tried to
follow but stopped suddenly before he got stuck. He often forgets how big he is
and that he cannot fit under the sofa anymore.
“Fiddlesticks” said Isaac and went back to eating more breakfast.
It’s very important that they both go to the vets and soon Granny arrives
to help with the logistics. Clyde is persuaded out from under the sofa by Daddy
and despite his protesting and often bad language he is put into a carry basket
and the lid secured. Soon after Isaac is in his basket too. Clyde continues to
“I don’t want to go out, leave me at home, you’re all mean to me”.
Isaac being a bit more laid back says
“Oh for goodness sake put a sock in it! I just want to stay at home and eat
more breakfast. I’m HUNGRY”
Both bunnies are
carefully put on the
back seat of the car
ready for the short
drive to the vet. Daddy
is not able to drive but
luckily Granny is able
to and she does it very
well. Despite her
expert driving Clyde
continues to moan and
“You’re going
round the bends too
fast, you’re braking too
hard, slow down for
goodness sake, humpff….I don’t want to be out”
“Oh stop being such a wimp. Think of all the attention that you’ll get
when you’re in the waiting room at the vets”. said Isaac.
We soon
arrive at the vets
and can get some
relief from Clyde’s
wingeing in the
back. Both bunnies
are taken into the
waiting room at the
vet and Daddy
books them in
while Granny sits
with them. Almost
straight away the
nurses and
receptionists come out to see them. Being Giant bunnies they are quite rare and
get a lot of attention. Clyde does not notice straight away as he’s still sulking
and has his back turned to everyone. Isaac, who knows that he is handsome but
is very modest about it,
has a chat with everyone
who comes over to see
“Hello, nice to see
you. How are you? What a
gloomy morning it is
And so on. People
comment on how good
looking he is and despite
his misgivings he has to
agree with them. Clyde by
this time is jealous and is
trying to join in the
“Hey look at me, I’m handsome too”.
He soon realises that his muttering and moaning earlier have not helped
and Isaac has been getting more attention so he decides to behave himself and
soon people are talking to him too.
While all of the fussing and attention are nice the main reason for this
visit is still to come. A door opens and a lady in vets scrubs stands there and
calls “Clyde and Isaac”! Both bunnies have lumps in their throats and maybe
even start to shake a little with fear.
“That was the vet calling our names” Isaac whispered to Clyde.
“I know, I don’t like this part at all”
“You don’t like any part at all”!
“Okay clever clogs, I especially don’t like this part”
Both bunnies are carried into the room that the vet came out from. It smells of
disinfectant which makes both of their noses twitch even more than normal.
Clyde says
“We’re doomed”
Isaac begins to think he is right but before they can think too much more
about it Clyde is being lifted out of his basket by Daddy, and is placed on a
shiny stainless steel table.
“This table is cold” whispers Clyde to Daddy “and my feet keep slipping
on it”.
The vet is very gentle but she has to check Clyde all over. She starts with
listening to his heart and lungs and tummy with a thing called a stethoscope.
After this she checks inside Clyde’s ears. Now both of the bunnies ears are
rather large to say the least! She then has the unenviable task of checking their
teeth. This involves using a device that she has to get into their mouths that lets
her look at the teeth with a
“I’m not having that”
mutters Clyde and backs
away. Daddy has to hold
him firmly and the vet
keeps trying while Clyde
keeps grumbling and
attempting to get away.
After a few attempts the
vet manages to get the
device in Clyde’s mouth
and look at his teeth.
They’re all good thank
Checks all done and clean
bill of health confirmed it’s
now time for him to have
his injection that will stop him becoming
“I don’t want that” exclaims Clyde
“It will leave a hole in me and I will fall
out of myself”!
“Don’t be a plonker” says Isaac who
has been sniggering at his brothers antics
while waiting in his basket.
“It’s your turn next don’t forget”
replied Clyde as the needle is expertly put
in his neck without him even realising it.
“Rats, I’d forgotten that I need to go as well”!
Clyde, all finished is put back in his cage while his record card is being
filled in by the vet so that Daddy knows when he needs his next injection
Then it is Isaac’s turn. The process is much the same, other than the fact
that Isaac is HUGE and when he lays spread eagle on the large table he fills the
length of it.
First Isaac is weighed. He barely fits on the scales and tips the balance at
a whopping 10kg. He had once been told that he was too heavy and had to go
on a diet but he is within his recommended weight now.
“Phew” whispered Isaac. “I wouldn’t want to go on one of those diet
things again. It made me HUNGRY”!
“Fatso” we all heard Clyde interject from his basket on the floor.
Before Isaac could respond he was having his teeth looked at with the
teeth looking device. He has a special one that is made of metal rather than
plastic as he bites down hard on it and breaks them. Giant bunnies have very
strong jaws and sharp teeth.
All checks done and Isaac has a clean bill of health too and soon has had
his injection.
Relieved, he is put back in his basket ready to go back home.
We all go back out to the waiting room and both bunnies soon get
chatting with people who are waiting.
Daddy pays at the counter and then we all make our way back to the car.
“The journey home is always much nicer than the journey to the vets”
says Isaac.
“Damn right” says Clyde. “We
don’t need to go for another six
months - yippee. You’re going
round the bends too fast, you’re
braking too hard, slow down for
goodness sake……..”
We’re soon back home and both
Clyde and Isaac are let out of
their baskets. Both bunnies are
soon relaxing on the bed. The
trip to vets has left them feeling
tired and they enjoy a long
afternoon nap.