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Who is Alister?

Who is Alister?

Alister is foremost a visual artist who likes to experiment with various different mediums. He likes drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, illustrating and creating digital artwork.

He has liked art from a very young age. As Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Alister has also recently started writing short stories, poetry, Haiku, and non-fiction.

He has a great interest in the environment and is especially knowledgable in lowland heathland and the creatures that live there. 

Alister plays chess, grows plants, lives with two giant house rabbits named Clyde and Isaac (who have their own page on this site), makes things out of wood, and creates robots and other gadgets using Raspberry Pi and Arduino and anything else he has to hand. 


My two house rabbits, Clyde and Isaac, nature (especially my local lowland heath), plants, music, science, horror, conspiracy……..

Artists who inspire me

Quentin Blake, Ernest Sheperd, Vincent van Gogh, Peter Rush, Jean-Michel Basquait, and Nick Morley AKA LinocutBoy.

Writers who inpsire me

Stephen King, David Morrell, Jacqui Wills, Julia Leigh and Cormac McCarthy.

Software used: 

  • Adobe Photoshop on macOS and
  • iPadOS Autodesk SketchBook on iPadOS and occasionally iOS. 
  • Procreate on iPadOS
  • Procreate pocket on iOS

Kit list