My studio/lab is a bit eclectic and cluttered but it reflects my mind and how I work.

The outdoor studio with drawing board and art materials and the other side my robotics and microscopy equipment.

It consists of a building that I built on the back of my house with the help of my Dad. It has a translucent roof that allows for good light all day and has daylight lamps for use at night. Down one side I have my art section with a drawing board and table with plenty of storage for equipment. The other side is home to my robotics equipment. I have two computers – a windows 10 box and a raspberry pi running Debian Linux. I also have 3 microscopes with cameras attached to save images. I have my small collection of orchids on one windowsill.

My inside drawing board for doing more precise work.

Inside the back door is another drawing board with a parallel rule. This is for more precise designs and artwork.

My iMac and iPad for doing digital work.

The other side is my Apple iMac and iPad with which I create my digital artwork using Procreate on the iPad and Photoshop and Painter on the iMac