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Spotlight on…Poetry for Wellbeing, with readings by Hampshire Poet, Kathryn Bevis

The Hampshire Poet programme, which aims to foster local writing talent, has been running every two years since 2008 and provides the opportunity for a Hampshire-based poet to undertake commissions, lead workshops and give readings and talks throughout the county.

The Hampshire Poet 2020 is poet and educator Kathryn Bevis, founder of The Writing School in Winchester.

During the lockdown, Kathryn has led a series of live, online poetry courses, Poetry for Wellbeing. Until 10 June, Kathryn will be reading 17 of the poems created by participants in Poetry for Wellbeing on Culture on Call.

This is one of my poems called ‘The Walk’.

The gravel track crunches under my footsteps –
old pillbox, my friend
when the sky opens
and rain threatens to drench me.
Sweet yellow gorse flowers
with unwelcoming thorns –
Warm air tempered by strong breeze –
Refreshing smell of water,
Horse pond with beautiful lilies

Cows lay in the grass
flicking off flies with their tails –
One mooing a warning to others
that I’m approaching –
I mean no harm but
they can’t be too careful.
One nods approval and
carries on

I climb the steep narrow track
slipping on the loose stones –
steadying my self with a stick.
Out of breath I reach the top to be met
with a view of the horizon –
London skyline on a clear day.
Stone chats calling to each other.
The breeze is stronger up here –
I steady my hat

My Studio/Lab

My studio/lab is a bit eclectic and cluttered but it reflects my mind and how I work.

The outdoor studio with drawing board and art materials and the other side my robotics and microscopy equipment.

It consists of a building that I built on the back of my house with the help of my Dad. It has a translucent roof that allows for good light all day and has daylight lamps for use at night. Down one side I have my art section with a drawing board and table with plenty of storage for equipment. The other side is home to my robotics equipment. I have two computers – a windows 10 box and a raspberry pi running Debian Linux. I also have 3 microscopes with cameras attached to save images. I have my small collection of orchids on one windowsill.

My inside drawing board for doing more precise work.

Inside the back door is another drawing board with a parallel rule. This is for more precise designs and artwork.

My iMac and iPad for doing digital work.

The other side is my Apple iMac and iPad with which I create my digital artwork using Procreate on the iPad and Photoshop and Painter on the iMac