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A Spell for the Rabbits

Beneath the orchard live the rabbits
The rabbits emerge at dusk to feed and play
Apples lay on the ground; food for the rabbits
The old gnarly apple trees protect the rabbits
Wind gently blows the leaves and branches
Some apples fall with a thud; more food.



Mean, yellow and Black
Feeding on fruit
Sharp tail Stings
Tight throat
Shortness of breath
Adrenaline pierces skin
Crushed body.


I am cool and white.
Whatever you do I follow.
I don’t judge, just obey –
yet I see all that you do.
Your progress,
your frustration,
your self doubt,
your deprecation.


The feeling of old
Gnarly wrinkles
sweet yet savoury
pale creamy skin
Still young on the inside –
yet aged on the outside
You are an unusual contradiction

The Walk

The gravel track crunches under my footsteps –
old pillbox, my friend
when the sky opens
and rain threatens to drench me.
Sweet yellow gorse flowers
with unwelcoming thorns –
Warm air tempered by strong breeze –
Refreshing smell of water,
Horse pond with beautiful lilies

Cows lay in the grass
flicking off flies with their tails –
One mooing a warning to others
that I’m approaching –
I mean no harm but
they can’t be too careful.
One nods approval and
carries on

I climb the steep narrow track
slipping on the loose stones –
steadying my self with my stick.
Out of breath I reach the top to be met
with a view of the horizon –
London skyline on a clear day.
Stonechats calling to each other.
The breeze is stronger up here –
I steady my hat