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Who is Alister?

Alister is a naturalist, artist and writer who communicates a love of nature through illustration, poetry and prose.

Ever since he could crawl he has been passionate about the wild world. Growing up he counted animals that lived around him as his best friends - from the family's blind springer spaniel to the hedgehogs in the garden.

He likes to encourage others, through creativity, to engage with nature for their mental health and wellbeing. He is currently writing his first book 'The Looker'.

He lives next to a large area of lowland heath and spends every day exploring its wealth of species with his dog, Denzel.

He's passionate about conservation and heathland ecology. He has a particular interest in evolutionary biology, odonatology (dragonflies and damselflies) and mycology (The study of fungi).

Alister is a member of the Linnean Society of London, a learned society dedicated to the study and dissemination of information concerning natural history, evolution, and taxonomy.

He is also a member of Humanists UK.

Some people who inspire him are Ray Mears, Quentin Blake, Oliver Rackham and Ernest Thompson Seton.

He's autistic and has schizophrenia and OCD.





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